Why is walking around barefoot not good for my feet ?
Unless you are walking on the beach or soft sand, normal foot function will encourage your feet to over-pronate on hard surfaces, as they try to make contact with the ground, this will result in flat feet and other foot conditions.

What's wrong with wearing regular flat flip flops ?
Our feet are not flat, and hence need to be supported along the contours of the feet. This means that any footwear that does not support your feet, will result in a lack of support and in turn cause a wide range of foot problems.

What are the best shoes for my feet ?
The best made shoes normally have a firm heel counter and provide the foot with good support. Athletic footwear would be a great choice, as well as other branded footwear that provide good support. The next best footwear would be any sandal that offer good support in the footbed. 

What makes FLOPEDS - The Anti-Flat Flip Flop different ?
FLOPEDS are designed and built with the shape of the average foot in mind. This means that they provide a good heel cup into which your heel sits, and a well balanced arch and forefoot support as well. The light weight material feels like you are almost bare-foot.