About us

Our story..


Early in 2008, while researching the footwear and market trends what we discovered, was although there were plenty of sandal and flip flops being manufactured by various brands, not many of them had the right components to provide an easy wear product that was actually good for your feet.

This lead the young team at FLOPEDS to use the latest in manufacturing technology and design, to develop the “ Laguna Series “ , one of the lightest and most comfortable flip flops ever. The objective was to create a cool looking product for all ages and genders, while ensuring it had innovative designs and fashionable colors. The FLOPEDS Brand today has a wide range of comfortable products and has a loyal following worldwide.

FLOPEDS – pronounced,  /fləʋ pedz/ and originates from the way the foot follows through or flows through the gait cycle, and “peds” the Latin word for feet. 

Our mission is to combine technology and  biomechanics to develop the anti-flat-flip-flop which is designed with the shape of your feet in mind, and provides support and control for your feet in all the right places.

 We collaborated with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Podiatrists to incorporate key elements of biomechanics into all our products.